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"For more than 20 years PER has provided a highly professional service, has always been easy to deal with and consistently offers suitable, well-vetted candidates for interview.”

Chairman | Centiel

"We've worked with PER for over a decade and would highly recommend them"

Mark Crocker

Managing Director | PB Design

"PER is one of the most professional and efficient recruitment agencies we have ever partnered with. They have extensive knowledge within our niche market. We highly recommend PER"

Managing Director | Traco

"We have worked with PER for a very long time and would highly recommend them."

Director | XP Power

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Your Experience
From the initial consultation to the final decision, we guide you seamlessly through the recruitment process to make sure you hire the best electronics professionals every time. As a specialist electronics recruiter, we have existing pools of highly qualified candidates and provide unique industry insights to help you make more informed decisions. That's why 80% of our work is repeat business.

The process begins with an exhaustive in-depth call. Our recruiters use their knowledge of the industry and market, gained from extensive PER training, to understand exactly what you're looking for. By being completely thorough in this call, we save you time later.


We engage with all the contactable candidates in your sector through three key channels: we target active candidates in our candidate pools, passive candidates on job boards and social media, and cold call the most suitable candidates we identify via industry mapping.

Our recruiters then carefully interview all interested candidates and submit only the candidates who excel according to the criteria you gave us in the initial call.

We recruit through these three channels simultaneously with dedicated teams for each channel. Altogether, this means faster recruitment for you.


Working Together
Quick client feedback about the submitted candidates is an important part of the process. We schedule our feedback calls around your calendar, one to two weeks after the initial call.


We produce clear and concise insights so you can make an informed decision and a fair offer at the end of the hiring process. This includes salary benchmarking, size of the market in your industry, liquidity in the market and more.

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